My name is John Hennessy, I am a registered nurse and I am also the Charge Nurse at Golden Triangle Emergency Center Orange. I have worked with GTEC since we opened on April 1st 2015. A typical day at GTEC Orange involves assessing and treating patients. Being the charge nurse, I also assume managerial responsibilities. I am an advocate for my fellow nurses and patients and make sure everything runs smoothly.

My favorite part of my job is the people I work with and for. We are a close-knit group. Since there aren’t many of us we have become a family. Our team dynamics are awesome, working with my crew is one the best parts of my day. We have a tradition where we all bring a food dish on Fridays and when we can, we like to eat together in the break room, after taking care of patients of course.

Instead of assigning nurses to particular patients, we all work together to get the job done. Our normal day usually consist of assessments, IV insertions, administer medications, diagnosing illnesses ranging from minor to sever, applying splints, wound care, and much more. Being able to spend more one on one time with the patients makes nursing at a freestanding so rewarding. When previous patients and/or family members come back and hug us for helping them, or for saving their family members life it makes everything worthwhile. My team and I have cared for and transferred at least three patients in critical condition who came back to our facility after recovery to express their gratitude.