TAFEC_TTTGraphic_2016_02_11The Take the Tour campaign is a public awareness campaign aimed at educating elected officials across the state about the benefits of freestanding emergency centers (FECs). Our goal is to have every Texas legislator with a freestanding emergency center in his or her district Take the Tour in order to gain a better understanding of how FECs operate.

Because the industry is so new, many legislators are unaware of the unique benefits FECs provide the communities in which they serve. By receiving a tour of a TAFEC member facility, lawmakers will see firsthand that FECs provide critical access to emergency care for hundreds of thousands of Texans. It is TAFEC’s hope that as legislators learn about the short wait times, quality of care, and high patient satisfaction associated with the freestanding model, they will see the value the FEC industry brings to the larger healthcare system, and thus help protect it and support its future growth.

The association welcomes the opportunity to familiarize Texas elected officials and staffers with the freestanding emergency model, and looks forward to working together in the upcoming 85th Texas Legislature.



Below are maps of Texas House and Senate districts, which are currently shaded in blue. These districts will be marked red once TAFEC has held a successful legislator tour. Our aim is to turn these maps red by holding legislator tours in all districts with an FEC facility. Stay tuned to track our progress!

Texas Senate Districts Select district for more information

Texas Legislative House Districts Select district for more information

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