When it comes to the FEC market, the Austin Generator Service Team is “second to none” in delivering exceptional results! We are the industry experts who provide a complete approach to FEC Emergency Standby Generator requirements. Success begins with more than selecting a suitable generator system. It must be properly installed and maintained by trained professionals. And beyond our technical and industry expertise, the AGS Team cares about you and your experience.

Austin Generator Service is a local Texas generator and electrical service contractor providing quality service to mission critical facilities since 1978. Our primary focus is medical, commercial, data centers and high profile government facilities. We seek to establish long term relationships by identifying our customer’s needs and providing quality results that exceed customer expectations.

Austin Generator Service values training. We encourage all of our employees to pursue avenues for personal and professional growth.  Additionally, we require special training for our technical personnel. Participation in the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) Technician Certification program demonstrates our commitment to that ideal. Through rigorous testing, the program identifies technicians who have a broad knowledge of mechanical and electrical components as well as proficiency in the installation, service, maintenance, and repair of on-site power generation systems. EGSA Certification not only assists our technicians in their ability to perform their jobs, but also benefits our customers. And our 24/7 customer service support makes this commitment a reality for our customers.

We have been in the medical industry for 38 years servicing hospitals, surgical centers, and assisted living facilities.  We brought this expertise to the FEC industry where we provided turn-key installations and monthly service for compliance to over 100 facilities.  Our team has provided 1000’s of hours of service and support to the FEC industry.

As members of EGSA, NFPA and TAHFM, we have been active in these associations for many years, developing skills around the power generation industry in medical applications.

The model of this type of business if different because we are working with doctors, nurses and administrators – vs in-house facility engineers/managers. We have adapted our model to be more flexible and supportive of all FEC personnel with the goal to deliver exceptional customer experiences every time. A large part of our role to our FEC customers is that of education.   Helping our customers understand system operation as well as the cost of compliance for monthly generator inspections has been valuable for our customers.

Austin Generator Service is also Licensed as an Electrical Contractor in Texas. This has enabled us to provide a much better customer experience when performing installations. And with our team’s Infrared Certification, we are able to provide a cost effective solution to all electrical system maintenance.