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Texas Freestanding Emergency Centers Respond To Hurricane Harvey

The story of true Texans with a heart for service. It chronicles medical personnel—devoted doctors, nurses, and technicians—in the storm’s path who risked much to keep their Freestanding Emergency Centers open in the lead-up to Hurricane Harvey, in the midst of the storm, and throughout its harrowing aftermath.

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Cost Effective

Cost is equal to or less than hospital ER care

Patient Care

Access to emergency medical care is provided for every patient who comes to us


Quality Care

Unsurpassed, fully equipped for all medical emergencies and closely regulated by the state

24 / 7

These licensed facilities are required to have an ER physician on hand 24/7

The Texas Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers (TAFEC) is the first and only statewide association in the U.S. created especially to represent freestanding emergency centers.

Our members work to ensure that all Texans have timely access to high-quality emergency medical care. As licensed, regulated, fully functioning ERs equipped to handle medical emergencies 24/7, our members provide expert care at convenient community locations with minimal waiting.

One United Voice

The Texas Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers (TAFEC) and its members support consistent, open, proactive advocacy that promotes the fair and regulated growth of Texas’ freestanding emergency-center industry – in turn helping ensure timely access for all Texans to high-quality emergency medical care. We believe it is essential that an industry of regulated healthcare facilities speak with one united voice, and have a seat at the table when licensure laws and relevant regulations are discussed, negotiated or amended.
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Member Highlight: Ryan Lewis, M.D., FACEP, FAAEM

Dr. Ryan Lewis is co-founder and CEO of STAR ER/STAR Emergency Group, in Lubbock, TX. He is residency trained and board certified in emergency medicine and is a fellow of both the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine....

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#StillStandingTX – TFEC Respond To Hurricane Harvey

We stayed open. We never closed our doors. Anything that came, we took care of them without regard to whether we get reimbursed or not... Everybody was the same...   Watch this true story of real Texans with a heart for service. It chronicles medical...

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A Day in the Life: Dr. Rad Miryala – NEC Medical Director

We live in an era of profound modern technological advances that have brought tremendous efficiency and convenience to modern life.  With a few clicks on our mobile device we are able to order a pizza or stream the latest blockbuster film. This quick access to...

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